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Cactus is called karmouss by the locals in Morocco. Hence the name of our brand “KARMOUSS”. All of our products are made from natural and organic cactus ingredients with no additives, as cacti grow in their natural environment in Morocco. Growth is completely self-contained, without human interference with nature, which means that we do not use fertilizers or pesticides and do not water the cacti. They get all the water they need naturally, in the form of rain water.

With the help of our Moroccan family, the company has become one of the few or even the only grower of its own cactus oil, with complete control of production – everything from cactus cultivation to extraction, ensuring the highest quality. Every drop of cactus oil is truly valuable, and the secret lies in the purity of the oil. The oils are 100% organic and certified.

By purchasing the product, you not only take care of your skin, but you also support our employees, especially women and their families in Morocco. Our business is based on cooperation, mutual respect, trust and above all honesty.


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